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Emerald Greens Cell Food Cleanse

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

'A Cleanse That Allows Even PREGNANT and BREASTFEEDING Women to Cleanse and
Detoxify Their Bodies!'’s Emerald Greens Cell Food Cleanse (EGCFC), an
original Djehuty Ma’at-Ra creation, is a Cleanse lasting 20 days that
helps cleanse, build, and nourish the body at the same time. It is a unique
cleanse consisting of a mix of super green foods such as alfalfa, nettle,
horsetail, blue green algae, spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, and wheat
grass to name a few.

Is A.I.D.S. Biological and Chemical Warfare?

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Of course it is! The late William Cooper was on the money when he stated this (with
proof) in his book "Behold a Pale Horse." The U.S. government itself was interested
in developing chemical and biological warfare in a way that shot out or suppressed
the human immune system.

Astrology and Relationships

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Astrology is perhaps our greatest tool pertaining to relationships, especially
intimate and romantic relationships. In astrology, we call relationship
analysis - synastry.

Relationships: Why Your Opposite Sign Is Incompatible Yet Compatible

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

An inquiry I receive a lot pertaining to astrology and relationships or synastry is, “how
can your astrological polar sign be considered an ideal mate yet being considered as an
incompatible mate?”

And itʼs really a great question, as to be considered ideal (compatible) and incompatible
simultaneously seems very oxymoronic and for many, quite confusing, and
understandable so.

Healing Arteriovenous Malformation Naturally

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Now if the case of Arteriovenous Malformation is congenital, one cannot naturally
correct this defect whereby there are no blood vessels. All one can do is take
measures to keep the blood effectively oxygenated.

Arteriovenous Malformations

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

This is a rare disease or disorder, however, at, we get the inquiry
and as such, here’s yet another free health article for your personal edification.

Because it really is a problem of the circulatory system (which I have already
covered in a few other articles), I won’t spend much time on it.

Is Djehuty Maʼat-Ra the Author of the DHerbs Articles?

By Forrest Patrick

The answer is YES!

Dhealthstore.comʼs Djehuty Maʼat-Ra is the author of most of the articles on the Dherbs
website, the articles that have the authorʼs name blank. Many of those articles are very
personalized, pertaining to Djehutyʼs life experiences.


By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Never warm up your baby's alternative milk in a microwave oven! Never! These
devices are very dangerous! They change the molecular structure of everything that
goes into them. Microwave ovens are a big reason why cancer has increased in
industrialized nations, especially the United States.


By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

NOTE: Don't worry if "organic" fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains are not available! Use
what's available!

Also, you can use as much water as you deem necessary to make a milk to your
liking if the 3 cups of water is not enough based upon your discretion.


By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

NOTE: If using grains, seeds, and nuts, allow them to soak over night.

Add three (3) cups of good water (preferably alkaline or spring water) to a blender.

Take one (1) cup of your milk alternative base, i.e. hemp, almond, rice, cashews,
shredded coconut, etc. and add to water in blender.

Alternative Milks

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

You can make healthy and wholesome alternative milks for your baby from Nature's
fruits, seeds, nuts, and grains such as hemp, rice, almonds, oats, cashews,
walnuts, banana, coconut, and dates to name a few. Sea moss (or seaweed) is
added for nutritional content and a little maple syrup for sweetness.

Alternative Infant Formula Milk

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Many females in the U.S. are becoming health conscious and learning about the
importance of breastfeeding (which is really a natural function for the majority of
females, if not all females), which is a very good thing and I applaud every last one
of these women.


By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Allergies are a favorite health subject of mine. I used to suffer from allergies in my
childhood, but once I discovered the truth about allergies I was able to heal myself
from them.

Alkaline Water

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

This article is so long overdue due to all the inquiries we get on it here at because we recommend it when folks are performing our Full
Body Detox.

Healing From H.I.V. and A.I.D.S. Naturally

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

The mindset must first change. You must stop fearing H.I.V. and A.I.D.S., for what
you fear will appear. When you fear a thing you attract the thing in accordance
pursuant to the law of attraction. Negative thinking along with negative emotion
breaks down the immune system. It has been reported that watching the news
reduces immunity, as well as watching violent movies and horror flicks. This is true!
By all means, think positive and healthy thoughts. Develop a positive and healthy
attitude about life and life's events.

What is A.I.D.S. Medically Speaking?

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

"AIDS is an immune system disorder in which the body's ability to defend itself is
greatly diminished. When human immunodeficiency virus (HIV, the virus that
causes AIDS) invades key immune cells called T lymphocytes and multiples, it
causes a breakdown in the body's immune system, eventually leading to
overwhelming infection and/or cancer - and, ultimately to death. Most deaths
among people with AIDS are not caused by AIDS itself, but by one of the many
infections or cancers to which the syndrome makes the body vulnerable." - James
F. Balch, M.D.

Is A.I.D.S. a Form of Genocide and Population Control?

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

I could most certainly understand if people really believe and think so. However, I don't personally believe A.I.D.S. is a form of genocide (on Black people or any other people) or population control. I think Black people as a whole or collective should be more concerned with Black on Black violence and killing of one another than a so-called government genocidal plot to eradicate them via so-called A.I.D.S.

The Nation of Islam and Alpha Interferon (Kemron)

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

At one point, the Black sectarian and nationalist religious group, the Nation of
Islam, headed by Minister Louis Farrakhan, boldly purported to have a cure for
A.I.D.S. The folly of this claim was in the fact that the so-called cure was allopathic
in nature and predicated upon a pharmaceutical drug of which no part of the human
body is made from. You can't take a drug and give it to a well person that will make
him/her sick, and give it to a sick person and expect to make the sick person well.
It defies logic (which evidently has no place in Western medicine).

Blacks/African-Americans and A.I.D.S.

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

Poor African-Americans! The perfect target group for government scams, tricks,
ploys, frauds, violations, and experiments in the U.S and history bears me witness
(i.e. 40 acres and a mule promise after slavery, Tuskegee syphilis experiment,
Black Wall Street bombings, Allensworth (Calif.) massacre, Rosewood massacre,
Emancipation Proclamation, etc.)! This

Blood Transfusions and A.I.D.S.

By Djehuty Ma’at-Ra

So-called A.I.D.S. victims (co-participants) who succumb to so-called A.I.D.S. from
blood transfusions simply succumbed to toxic blood that further did them in, i.e.
lowered their immunity.

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